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Object control Lesson 2: Throwing for accuracy Pt 1

Learning outcomes

  • I can explain the underarm throw technique
  • I can display the underarm throw technique with accuracy
  • I can start to apply skills into games

What you need

  • Three different sized boxes
  • 3 pairs of socks per person
  • 9 towels

Activity 1 - Basket throw

  • Place a large basket on the floor
  • Can we perform a two hand underarm throw into the basket?
  • After three successful throws, take one step back


  • Use our one hand underarm throw technique

Activity 2 - Big box, little box

  • Place out three different sized boxes
  • After a successful throw into the largest box, move to the middle box and so on
  • After a successful throw into all three, take one step back and repeat


  • An alternative apporach to big box, little box is you can wor kwith the box you feel comfortable with (works well for different ages)

Activity 3 - Noughts and crosses

  • Place out 9 towels on the floor to create your grid
  • Place a throwing line two steps in front of the grid
  • Each player needs three pairs of socks 5 steps away from the throwing line
  • Take one sock, run to the throwing line, throw and then return to collect a new sock (relay style)
  • First to get three in a row wins!

What if all socks have been used and their isn't a winner?

  • Collect a sock from the grid, travel back to throwing cone and throw again