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Object control Lesson 1: Rolling accuracy

Learning outcomes

  • I can explain/display how to roll/slide and object along the floor with accuracy
  • I can apply agility/reaction skills into games

What you need

  • Empty plastic bottles
  • Something to roll/slide along the floor
  • 5 pairs of socks

Activity 1 - Target roll

  • Create a target square using your socks
  • Roll your object towards the square, aiming for it to stop in the square
  • Can you make it stop i nthe square three times? If so, look at the following progressions:


  • Move further away from the square
  • Make the square smaller

Activity 2 - Bowling alley

  • Use your plastic bottles to create bowling pins for our alley (see video)
  • You have two rolls to knock down as many pins as you can (1 point per pin)
  • If playing against others, see who gets the highest score after 5 turns total (use addition to count your scores!)


  1. Move the pins further apart
  2. Move futher away

Activity 3 - Target practics

  • This activity requires two people
  • Each needs three bottles, placed in a horizontal line
  • The bottles are to be left unguarded to start the game
  • The aim is to roll your object to try and knock down your partners bottles
  • The first to knock down all three wins!

Progression: Bottle battle

  • You are now both to stand in fornt of your bottles to defend them using your agility and reaciton skills
  • Again, the firs tto knock down all their opponents bottles wins!