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Fundamental movement skills Lesson 6: Crawling and core strength

Learning outcomes

  • I will explore crawling activities
  • I can display core strength, balance and coordination

What you need

  • Socks (two different colours)
  • Gloves

Activity 1 - Stepping stones

  • Place your socks out on the floor
  • Only one foot is allowed on a sock
  • Using your foot to foot travelling, can you navigate the stepping stones without 'falling off'?
  • How many steps can you take without losing balance?

Progression 1: Hopping stones

  • Can you navigate the stepping stones using the same foot to hop?
  • Change feet every time you fall!

Progression 2: Rainbow stones

  • Now you must travel one way across only using one colour sock and travel back using the other colour
  • Again you can choose whether to use both feet or just one

Activity 2: Climbing wall

  • Place your gloves on the floor as well
  • Now we are to crawl up 'the wall'
  • Your hands can only use the gloves and your feet only the socks
  • Can you make it across the wall without 'falling off'?


  • Can you climb up the wall forwards and down the wall backwards?