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Fundamental movement skills Lesson 5: Agility, Balance and Coordination

Learning outcomes

  • I can show balance and control when applying my jumping combinations

What you need

  • Cushions or towels
  • Socks
  • Cuddly toys (or something to use as 'treasure')

Activity 1 - Stepping stones

  • Place cushions out on the floor
  • Using your two feet jumping, can you jump between the cushions without landing in the lava?
  • How many jumps can you make without falling?

Progression 1

  • Remove some cushions (to make the jumps bigger) if it is safe to do so

Progression 2

  • Add socks
  • Two foot landing on cushions, one foot landing on socks

Activity 2 - Collect the treasure

  • Place toys out on the floor around the stepping stones as treasure
  • Using the stepping stones can you collect all the treasure without falling in the lava?

Activity 3 - Cat and mouse

  • This activity requires a partner and a safe space
  • One is the cat (tagger)
  • The other is the mouse (evading)
  • Using the stepping stones, the cat is to try and tag the mouse
  • Once tagged, you are to swap roles
  • Give the new mouse 5 seconds to escape before chasing