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Fundamental movement skills Lesson 4: Balance and stability

Learning outcomes

  • I can display control when applying my movement skills into agility, balance and coordination based activities

What you need

  • 4 handheld items:

- One red

- One blue

- One green

- One yellow

Activity 1 - Cone reactions

  • Create a square using your four items as corners
  • Stand in front of an item to play 'cone reactions'
  • Ask someone in your home to call commands i.e. jog on the spot, star jump etc.
  • On the 'GO' call, you must react and pick up your item as quick as possible

Activity 2 - Rainbow reactions

  • Stand in the middle of your square
  • As a colour is called, you are to run to that colour and back to the middle
  • Make it harder by calling multiple colours


  • Two foot jump to the colour and back
  • One foot hop and back
  • Core-ordination (see video)

Activity 3 - Twister

  • Developing on from core-ordination
  • Play twister using your four corners
  • Count how many moves you can make before falling
  • Try and beat your score next time!

Twister spinner link: https://wheeldecide.com/wheels/board-games/twister-spinner/