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Fundamental movement skills Lesson 3: Jumping for distance

Learning outcomes

  • I will explore different jumping for distance techniques
  • I can explain the techniques to others
  • I can compete against myself and/or others to beat a personal best

What you need

  • One towel
  • One pair of socks each

Activity 1 - Broad jump and standing triple jump

  • Watch the video to learn the technique for broad jump and triple jump
  • Practice each jump, following the correct technique

Activity 2 - Three jump scoring

  • Using our broad jump technique, we are to complete three jumps
  • After our third jump, we are to place a pair of socks next to our body part closest to the jump line to mark our distance (don't fall back!)
  • We only move our marker if we beat our score. How far can you jump?

Activity 3 - Triple jump scoring

  • We are now to repeat a similar stucture to the three jump scoring, excpet we are only completing one triple jump each time
  • Mark your distance (closest body part to the start line) and then try to beat your own score!