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Fundamental Movement Skills Lesson 2: Jumping patterns

Learning outcomes

  • I will explore different jumping patterns using 1 and 2 feet
  • I can combine different jumping patterns to create an 'obstacle course' 

What you need

  • Cones (alternative can be socks)
  • 5 towels

Activity 1 - Jumping patterns

  • For our first activity, we are going to explore different jumping patterns individually:

Two foot jumping

1. Broad jump

- Place our towels horizontally to create 5 lines

- Can we use our broad jump to jump between the towels?

2. In 'n' out jump

- Replace every other towel with a sock

- Can we jump wide on the towels and narrow on the socks?

3. Jump and rotate

- Replace socks with towels again, except this time facing vertically rather than horizontally

- As we jump between towels, we must turn 90•, changing the side we jump every time

One foot jumping

1. Hopping

- Place socks flat on the floor in a single straight line

- Can you hop along the line on one foot?

2. Zig zag (changing feet)

- Place your socks in a zig zag pattern

- Can you hop from leg to leg, landing on the socks

- Can you balance on the sock for 3 seconds before hopping off?

3. Zig zag hopping

- Can you repeat your zig zag activity but staying balanced on the same leg?


  • Can we create a hopscotch using our socks and start to combine two foot and one foot jumps?

Activity 2 - Jumping combinations

  • Can you create a three line obstacle course?
  • Three lines split using the skills you have just learned:

- Two foot jump challenge

- One foot jump challenge

- Hopscotch challenge

  • Can you challenge someone else in your house to complete your course?
  • Time you and your partner, who can complete the course first?