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OAA lesson 2: Communicating and navigating Pt 1

Learning outcomes

  • I will explore simple communication activities with others
  • I can explain why communication is important in a team

What you need

  • 3 pairs of socks
  • Something to use as a blindfold (we used a wooly hat)
  • A safe space!

Activity 1 - Follow my lead

  • One partner is blindfolded
  • The other is the leader
  • They are connected by both holding a sock
  • The leader is to guide their partner around the activity area, developing trust and confidence
  • Swap roles and repeat

Activity 2 - Follow my voice

  • Repeat the previous activity but without physical contact, only verbal communciation (talking to your partner)
  • Use paces to guide them i.e. 'take 3 steps forwards'

Activity 3 - The navigator

  • Place three pairs of socks on the floor in the activity area
  • Time how quickly you can guide your partner to collect all three pairs
  • Swap roles and see if you can beat your partners time!