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Object control Lesson 6: Racket control

Learning outcomes

  • I can display individual balancing/striking skills usign a 'racquet'
  • I can display the skills of 'serving and returning' with others
  • I can apply skills to work with and against others

What you need

  • One pair of socks per person
  • Something to use as a racquet i.e. a frying pan or a book
  • Something to use as a net (we used a bench)
  • 4 baskets/tubs

Activity 1: Individual skills

  • Can we do the following on our racket:

- Balance our socks?

- Bounce our socks up?

- Bounce our socks while turning our racket?

Activity 2 - Serving

  • Place three different sized boxes on the floor
  • Can we underhand strike our 'ball' into each box?
  • If so, take a step back and repeat!


  • An alternative apporach to serving is you can work with the box you feel comfortable with (works well for different ages)
  • Or use socks to make a larger target square on the floor to make it easier

Activity 3 - Rallying

  • In pairs, can we mantain a rally using our 'rackets' and socks?
  • A rally is continuously stirking the ball between each other without the 'ball' hitting the floor
  • Once the rally is over, the number of strikes is your score
  • Can you beat your score next time?


  • Add a 'net' and rally over the net

Activity 4: Rally match

  • Rally for 5 shots
  • After 5 shots, it turns into a 'tennis match'
  • If the ball touches the floor on your opponents side, you score a point
  • Who can reach 10 points first?

Progression: Bonus zones

  • Place two baskets on each side of the court
  • If the 'ball' lands in the bonus zones, you score two points! (rewarding our striking accuracy)