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Object control Lesson 5: Catching reactions

Learning outcomes

  • I can display hand-eye coordination through reaction based catching activities 
  • I can start to combine skills and compete against others

What you need

  • 5 Pairs of socks
  • A tea towel

Activity 1 - Throw and catch

  • In pairs, can you practice your underarm throwing and catching using a tea towel?
  • Scrunch it up before throwing!


  • Balance on one foot when catching
  • Catch with one hand
  • Combine both progressions

Activity 2 - Reaction square

  • You are now to play against your partner
  • You must underarm throw your tea towel
  • If it lands on the floor within the square, you score a point
  • The towel must go above shoulder height
  • Use your reaction and catching skills to prevent your partner from scoring
  • Aim into space away from your partner when throwing


  • Use the same as the previous activity
  • Make the square larger
  • Place a time limit on the towel i.e. you must throw it back within 5 seconds