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Object control Lesson 4: Throwing and catching

Lesrning outcomes

  • I can explain our throwing and catching techniques
  • I can start to combine throwing and catching with others
  • I can apply my throwing and catching into games

What you need

  • Pillow case (or basketball/football if available)
  • Plenty pairs of socks
  • 4 baskets/tubs

Activity 1: Chest pass practice

  • Fill your pillow case with socks and tie in a knot to create a basketball if you don't have one
  • Can you practice your chest pass techique with a partner?
  • See video for technique

Progressions: Devlop hand-eye coordination

  • Throw high, throw low
  • Throw side to side

Activity 2: Underarm throw

  • Using one pair of socks, can you practice your underarm throwing and catching with a partner?
  • See video for techniques


  • Throw side to side
  • One handed catches

Activity 3: Protect the island

  • Each player needs to place one basket infront of them
  • You score one point every time yo uare able to throw your object into your partners basket
  • Use your catching and reaction skills to protect your basket

Progression: Protect the islands

  • Each player now needs tow baskets, one at either side
  • Same rules as above, but this activity now focuses on our one handed catching, and our hand-eye coordination