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Fundamental Movement Skills Lesson 1: Travelling actions

Learning outcomes

  • I will explore different travelling actions using different directions

What you need

  • 20 pairs of socks 
  • Two baskets/tubs
  • A towel

Activity 1 - The track

  • Use your socks/tubs to create a track loop, with different turns and corners
  • We are to travel around the outside of our track using the following travelling actions:

- Speed walking

- Jogging

- Sidestepping

- Skipping

  • Can you think of any more travel actions we can use?

Activity 2 - Relays

  • If in pairs, each person needs their own basket side by side
  • Place the towel on the floor roughly 5m ahead
  • Place half the socks on top of the towel
  • On the 'GO' call:

- Travel out to the towel

- Collect one pair of socks

- Place it in your basket

  • The person with the most socks in their basket at the end wins!

Develop the activity:

  1. Use a different travelling action when travelling to/from the towel
  2. Use the spare socks to create a slalom
  3. Use the spare socks to create a zig zag course

Playing alone?

  • Time yourself and try to beat your own time!